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Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction

Come post fics from G to NC-17! Search for a beta or a fic to beta read!

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Desperate to share a Will/Elizabeth fic you wrote? Dying to read some Jack/Will smut? Just need some PotC interaction?

You've come to the right place.

Welcome to potc_fic, a community designed specifically for sharing and reading fanfiction from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Some regulations:

1. When posting any fic, please use the LJ-cut tag (read about it here), even with drabbles. If you post any fics without the tag, your post will be deleted. If you still don't understand the tag even after reading the FAQ, you can email the moderator and ask.

2. Fics can be any length. Multiple chapters fics can be posted in multiple entries, but it would be preferred that you edit your original post or post the entire thing at once, especially if you have the entire fic completed.

3. Both het (heterosexual) and slash (homosexual) pairings are allowed in fanfics, but please specify if there will be either of these pairings before the LJ-cut. Also, please post the rating of the fic before the LJ-cut tag (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). If you are younger than seventeen, please use discretion in reading any fanfics. These are the only two required things, but feel free to use this format:

Fic title:
Chapter number:
Fic pairing(s):
Fic rating:
Fic summary:
Other sites the fic can be found:

4. Please treat your fellow community members with respect. Just because you might not like slash smut doesn't mean others don't, and, if you flame someone, you will be removed and banned from the community.

5. Try to steer away from Mary Sues. Also, please don't post any fanfiction featuring the real actors as this is strictly a movie fanfic community.

6. New! Fanfics that have not been edited by a beta reader may be posted for the purposes of finding a beta reader. Also, if you are interested in beta reading anything, go ahead and post that you are willing.

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