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CHANCE MEETING Chapter 1 - Return To Port Royal

Title: Chance Meeting
Venue: Romance/adventure
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann
Coupling: M/F
Disclaimer: No Relation to Disney, just love the characters!
Rating: R or Mature/Adult
Time Frame: After World's End
Story Summary: Jack Sparrow has a chance meeting with Elizabeth after a year of being in the waters of the Orient. He returns to Port Royal for expertise repairs to his ship, and finds a whole lot more as well.

Jack and Liz combo 488

Chapter 1 Summary: Jack's ship needs extensive repairs and closest port for his ailing ship is Port Royal. Going into a local inn for a late supper, he finds another patron who looks vaguely familiar.

Chapter 1 - Return To Port Royal

Author's Note:

Just started writing, not sure where this is going…..decided to run with it and see myself where it goes!  J
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