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TEMPTED Chapter 18 - Barbados Wedding Bells

Author: Orionredstar
Coupling: Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann
Rating: R- M (mature adult)
Paring: M-F
Disclaimer: No relation to Disney, just love the characters
Time Frame: After Worlds End
Summary of TEMPTED: Jack Sparrow contemplates telling Eliz that her marriage to Will Turner is invalid, What transpires after that - who knows?  :)

Jack and Liz combo 309

Chapter 18 summary: *WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE - and - Mild EROTIC CONTENT of sexual origin, not intended for children. Jack and Elizabeth unexpectedly make a trip to Barbados and wind up at the local church and guess what they do there….not a big stretch of a guess, but a few surprises!

Chapter eighteen - Barbados Wedding Bells

Chapter seventeen - Persuasive Powers *
Chapter sixteen - Mountainous Moment
Chapter fifteen - Gilded Bird *
Chapter fourteen - Florentine Stand Off*
Chapter thirteen - Timing Is Everything
Chapter twelve - Helping Hand
Chapter eleven - Too Late
Chapter ten - Sensual Journey *
Chapter nine - A Maze of Trouble
Chapter eight - Cloistered Secrets*
Chapter seven - Beware The Iron Cross
Chapter six - Haunted Hearts
Chapter five - Bastion of Affection
Chapter four - Castles In The Sky
Chapter three - Rude Awakenings
Chapter two - ST. Martinique Storms
Chapter one - Contemplation

Author's Note:
Chapters marked with red asterisk means *WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE- and / or EROTIC SEXUAL CONTENT If you find this sort of material offensive, please do not read.

This is the LAST Hurrah - Chapter is 18 this is the Last chapter of this particular story, and even though I want to write some other stories, I am thinking of doing a "TEMPTED TOO" sequel, if I get so inspired, or should the mood strike and I can concoct a decent plot to segue from this one! But for those who did read this, and read all the way thought to make it this far..LOL!....I hope you had enjoyed this one!  Thanks so much for reading!

YAND A SPECIAL THANK YOUY - to a VERY talented writer and a great co Sparrabeth Fandom buddy florencia7 for all the support, encouragement, and spirited comments along the way which inspired me pull all the words out of my head and onto the pages of L J!    Thanks Flo!!!!  J

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