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TEMPTED Chapter 10 - Sensual Journey

Author: Orionredstar
Coupling: Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann
Rating: R- M (mature adult)
Paring: M-F
Disclaimer: No relation to Disney, just love the characters
Time Frame: After Worlds End
Summary of TEMPTED: Jack Sparrow contemplates telling Eliz that her marriage to Will Turner is invalid, What transpires after that - who knows?  :)

Chapter 10 summary: *WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE & MATURE, VERY EXPLICIT and EROTIC SEXUAL CONTENT If you find this sort of material offensive, please do not read or skip this chapter and move onto the next. Jack and Elizabeth share a night of pleasures, their hopefully last night in Killgarin castle, however more surprises than sensual delights are exposed. Other Characters: Will Turner inferred.

Jack and Liz combo 1132
Chapter ten - Sensual Journey *

Chapter nine - A Maze of Trouble
Chapter eight - Cloistered Secrets
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Chapter six - Haunted Hearts
Chapter five - Bastion of Affection
Chapter four - Castles In The Sky
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Author's Note:  WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE- MATURE, EXPLICIT, and EROTIC SEXUAL CONTENT If you find this sort of material offensive, please do not read.

Chapter 11 in the works!

Stop by and take a peek at some Photoshop pics of J and E even if you do not feel like reading the stories. Hope some will be inspired to write more Sparrabeth stories, that is my main objective so far, besides having fun! Thanks for reading.

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